Personal plots

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If you live within 1.5 miles of the garden, you can qualify to get a plot of your own! To apply, please click here to fill out the application.

Plots are available for a yearly membership fee of $50. You may qualify for a free plot (preference will be given to long-term and low-income residents), so contact us to find out more. To make sure the garden keeps growing, every plot holder will also be asked to spend 1 hour a month supporting the maintenance of the public gardens.

Didn’t get a personal plot this season? Don’t worry! You are always welcome to share the fruits, herbs, and vegetables from our public plots and orchard.

Common Questions about our Waiting List

How Does Our Waiting List Work?

At Wangari Gardens we hope to provide an equal climate that gives everyone a chance to participate in our programs and garden plots.  To ensure this happens we have developed a waiting list that attempts to proportionally reflect the needs of all of the community members in our surrounding communities.

One of our main missions at Wangari Gardens is to be more than a community garden.  We want to be an outdoor community center that creates garden opportunities and community programs that benefit everyone in the community.  We recognize that in DC’s changing social/economic climate that people are often unintentionally excluded in new sustainable projects due to various accessibility issues, including financial, technology, or mobility limitations.

Our waiting list attempts to combine often-excluded community member needs with a sequential online waiting list.  To describe it simply we use a 3 tier system.

3 Tier Waiting List

Tier One

The first Sunday of April is when our garden officially opens.  Previous-year gardeners can continue to grow all winter long but new gardeners must wait until April to begin.  We outreach through non social media means (flyers, posters, community meetings, etc) to attempt to reach people who lack the social media capabilities in a 1.5 mile radius.

Our opening garden day festival is the first Sunday of April.  We give local low-income residents, residents with disabilities, residents who have lived in the neighborhood over ten years, and local non profits first priority for a garden plot.  They must come out before or during the opening garden day festival to receive a plot.

Tier Two

After the opening day we will immediately begin assigning plots to people on the waiting list.  Due to parking issues with local neighbors and our primary outreach focus being Park View Neighborhood, we will prioritize giving garden plots to people who live approximately a half mile from the garden.

Tier Three

After everyone on the waiting list a half mile from the garden has a garden plot we will give plots to people who live .5-1.5 miles away until all the plots are given away.

Plots Given Away All Year!!!

We will attempt to give all our open plots away during the first week of April.  But due to gardeners moving away, giving up their plots, or losing their plots by failing to maintain their garden plot or their 1 hour a month volunteer requirement, plots will be given away throughout the year using the online waiting list.

Applicants Living Over 1.5 Miles from the Garden

Due to our attempt to focus this garden on the local communities any applicant living over 1.5 miles of the garden will be notified of their ineligibility to receive a garden plot.

Management Conflict of Interest

In an attempt to remove any conflict of interest all our garden directors (currently 3) who manage the garden and the community programs are restricted from having a garden plot and from gaining from the garden in any material way.  We hope this will ensure an unbiased management that upholds our goals of equal opportunities and an equal outreach system.

Time Spent on Waiting List

Due to the 3 tier system it is hard to estimate waiting times for the future.  And we apologize for any lengthy waiting times.  We crossed over our email waiting list to our online waiting list last year and many people got mixed up and out of order from the original list and we’ve been unable to sort this out.  If anyone is still waiting for a plot since our first year (2012) please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Many Garden Opportunities While You Wait!

There are public gardens outside the fence (please respect private gardens inside the fence) available to anyone to harvest and help maintain all year.  Please reach out to us for more details if you’re interested.


Our garden is a work in progress as an attempt to bring as much equality in a changing social/economic climate as we can.  If anyone has a suggestion on how we can better do anything please let us know.

Thanks so much for your time and we hope to be gardening with you soon!