This is an extensive, though always changing, list of educational resources that will be updated as frequently as possible.. (Last Updated May 23, 2013)



Green Workshops and Classes
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School Garden and Educational Services Partners

DC Greens

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Gardening Volunteer Experience
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DC Gardening Films and Other Media

A Community of Gardeners by Cintia Cabib – Explores a vital role of seven community gardens in Washington, DC as sources of fresh, nutritious food, outdoor classrooms, places of healing, links to immigrants’ homelands, centers of social interaction and oases of beauty and calm in inner‐city neighborhoods. The documentary also traces the history of community gardens in the United States, from the potato patch farms of the late 19th century to the victory gardens of World War II, to community gardening’s current renaissance.

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Garden Webinars

USDA People’s Garden

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