Garden Plots Available for 2019

Want to grow vegetables but don’t have the yard space?  Wangari Gardens has a number of personal plots available for the 2019 season!  We are located between Kenyon Street, Irving Street, and Park Place NW, and give preference to those who live nearby.  Click here to learn more about our application process and to apply for a plot.

Please contact us if you need Spanish translation in order to participate!



Fall Fest November 3, 2-6 pm

Please join us for a fall festival on November 3 – it’s free and all are welcome!  We’ll have a tour of the public orchard, bake sale, silent auction, and opportunities to learn about how to apply for a plot at the garden.  We’ll also have musical performances from local musicians Thomas and Twin Jude, a special dance performance by Errant Movement, an old time and bluegrass music from the October Sessionsand we’ll close it out with a square dance caller if you want to learn some dance moves.  Come meet your friends and neighbors, have fun, and celebrate fall at the garden!

fall fest.jpg 

First Friday Event Sept. 7th!

We’re excited to be collaborating with Georgia Avenue Thrive, Errant Movement, Ruby Scoops, and more for a Park View First Friday event at Wangari Gardens on September 7, 2018 from 6:30-8:30 pm.

First Friday is a time for Park View community members to come out and get to know area businesses and nonprofits. We will be offering tours of the garden, art, live music, dancers, drumming, and ice cream.  We look forward to seeing you there — RSVP now on the Georgia Avenue Thrive Facebook event page!

First Friday 9.7 Flyer Final Aligned.PNG

Wangari Gardens Build Day April 8

Come out to Wangari Gardens Build Day on April 8 from 10 am to 1 pm and help us rebuild the garden beds. We have more than 60 beds that need to be totally rebuilt before people can plant their gardens.  Our strategy is Build One Plus Your Own.

Live Music By the October Sessions starts at noon!

Help us spread the word among your neighbors, friends, networks.  We will need a lot of drills, so please bring one if you have one (with a full battery), or bring a snack to share after we work.  And please fill out this quick survey to let us know you’ll be there!




Plots Available

We have a few private raised beds available at the garden for spring planting. Neighbors are invited to apply now as plots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to long term neighborhood residents, those with disabilities, and low income individuals.

If you would like to apply please fill out this simple form.

The garden plots are approximately 8×3’ raised beds filled with high quality soil, perfect for growing tomatoes, peppers, or any other vegetable you like!

Midsummer Meeting Re-Cap

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the midsummer meeting!  We had a great discussion about the garden and ways to make it better.   There are specific ways you can help, listed below.  If you would like to learn more, or volunteer, please email us!

Help plan the Wangari Gardens Fall Festival
Join Marshall and the rest of the fall festival team as they put together a community wide celebration with fun activities, music, and a chance to get together and share our fall harvest!

Be a maintenance team leader
Join the rest of the team leaders to help organize work days, keep the cistern full, and help your team and the garden thrive!

Conservation easement 
Wangari gardens currently has no ownership over the land, however there is a process whereby the nonprofit Casey Trees acquires a conservation easement on our behalf.  This would secure the future of the garden and ensure no development could displace it.  We are seeking a group of people to pursue this easement

Grant writer
There are a bunch of great grants out there that may benefit wangari, including paying for a rain capturing cistern system.  We need people to work on these grants.

Join the 501(c)(3) board 
Wangari is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we have a board with vacancies.  Serving on the board requires meeting a few times a year and voting occasionally– but if you would like to take on a more active role as a board member that is an option as well.

We talked about having a team to follow up with gardeners who hadn’t been attending their team’s work days, or who was not maintaining their plot.  If you would like this enforcer role it would take some pressure off of the team leaders.

Join the Wangari Gardens Board!

leadership wordcloud_800x561(2)Wangari gardens is a 501(c)(3) corporation and the management of this corporation is done by a board.  We are currently seeking interested people to join the board.  You do not need to be a plotholder to be on the board.  If you are interested in being on the board or would like more information, please send an email to with “501(c)(3) Board” in the title.  We will interview potential board members in December and January, and the first meeting will be in February.

501(c)(3) Board

  • Chairperson
    • The Chairperson will be the principal executive officer of Wangari Gardens, responsible for general oversight of the Gardens.  The Chairperson will ensure that Board decisions and policies are carried out in accordance with the By-laws and Articles of Incorporation.  The Chairperson will preside at Board and member meetings and will serve as the official representative of Wangari Gardens to the public, government, officials and the press.  The Chairperson will also execute financial instruments unless otherwise appropriately delegated.
  • Vice-Chairperson
      • The Vice-Chair will preside as executive officer when the Chairperson is absent or unable to carry out his/her duties.  The Vice-Chair will also be responsible for assignments delegated or assigned by the Chairperson.  Additionally, a key role of the Vice-Chair will be that as liaison to government and community.
  • Treasurer
      • The Treasurer will be responsible for annual and project-specific budget planning and reporting.  The Treasurer will prepare and present bi-monthly Treasurer’s reports and an Annual Treasurer’s Report.  The Treasurer will also manage the day-to-day financial accounts, disbursements and deposits, carefully following procedures laid out in the By-laws and by the Board of Directors.
  • Secretary
      • The Secretary has overall record-keeping responsibilities, including recording Board and Corporate meeting proceedings and actions.  The Secretary will be expected to serve as liaison with each of the Board members to remain updated on projects and issues of interest to the whole Board and members, maintaining records accordingly.  The Secretary will also be responsible to announce all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Outreach/Events Liaison
      • The Outreach Liaison will be liaison between Wangari Gardens Board of Directors and the Outreach Committee.  They will be required to attend both Outreach Committee and Board meetings.  The Outreach Liaison will also help coordinate outreach goals, programs, and outreach efforts.
  • Communication Liaison
      • The Communication Liaison will be the liaison between Wangari Gardens Board of Directors and the Communication Committee.  They will be required to attend both Communication Committee and Board Meetings.  The Communication Liaison will also help coordinate inreach goals, programs, and outreach efforts.
  • Maintenance Liaison
      • The Maintenance Liaison will be the liaison between Wangari Gardens Board of Directors and the Maintenance Committee.  They will be required to attend both Maintenance and Board Meetings.  The maintenance Liaison will also help coordinate maintenance goals, programs and maintenance efforts.
  • Director Liaison
    • The Director Liaison will be the liaison between Wangari Gardens Board of Directors and the Directors of the garden.  They will be required to attend both Co-Director and Board meetings.  The Director Liaison will also help coordinate general leadership and garden goals, programs and projects.

Get involved at Wangari Gardens!

537542_423887910978024_1919228957_nAre you interested in taking a greater role in Wangari gardens?  We are an entirely volunteer-run nonprofit and are always looking for interested folks to help out.  Below are all the positions in the garden — most are open, some are already filled.  If you would like to take on one of these positions or join one of these committees or if you want more information email with “Committee” in the subject line.

  • Outreach/events team leader
    • point person for outreach and events team [5-12 people]
    • responsible for planning the opening day party
    • responsible for planning the end of the year party
    • responsible for planning any other large events the committee would like to hold
    • responsible for ensuring all events go through Wangari Gardens’ standard outreach procedures to ensure everyone in the community has a chance to be reached.
    • responsible for coordinating outreach efforts to local community groups, neighbors, and generally raising awareness of the garden
    • Serves as outreach liaison to the board
  • Outreach / events team [5-12 people]
  • Director of Communication
    • point person for communication team  [5-10 members]
    • oversees and coordinates social media presence (twitter, facebook, youtube, blog, instagram)
    • responsible for putting together the once monthly newsletter
    • Serves as communication liaison to the board
    • responsible for developing and implementing communications plan
    • Helps coordinate and facilitate open house every Sunday
  • Communication Team [5-10 members]
    • Assists with newsletter, social media and other communcation
  • Open House director
    • solicits and oversees content at the open house including local community group demos
  • Maintenance team leaders’ leader
    • point person for the team leaders [4-12 team leaders] make sure team leaders are on track
    • fill in as substitute as needed
    • ultimate responsibility for maintenance team
    • Serves as maintenance liaison to the board
  • Maintenance team leaders
    • point person for team of 25 plotholders
    • manage a once monthly team work day and cistern fill
    • orient team at the beginning of the season
    • orient new plotholders as they are added to the team, if needed, through the year
    • Monitor team of plot holders for any plots not being planted or maintain
    • Goes through 3 step process to either remediate delinquent plot or remove plot holder
    • Maintains waiting list, arranges waiting list into 3 tiers and arranges new plot holders as plots become open
    • highlights excellent plots, gardeners, and experiences for newsletter
    • Every 2 months one maintenace team leader must get the hydrant meter read and notify the Executive Director to pay the bill and apply for new permit.
  • Garden Executive Director
    • Comes up with overall vision and priorities for garden and develops new projects
    • Oversight of team leaders and general garden function
    • Serves as director liaison to the board
    • solicits and oversees workshop series
    • Manages finances and purchases in conjunction with 501(c)(3) board treasurer
    • Point of contact for various DC gov agencies
    • Helps coordinate and facilitate open house every Sunday
  • Director of Education
    • point person for volunteers and apprentices
    • responsible for soliciting and managing apprentices
    • responsible for creating apprenticeship structure/curriculum
    • responsible for soliciting and managing volunteers
    • Helps coordinate and facilitate open house every Sunday