Assistance & Grants

This is an extensive, though always changing, list of assistance and grants that will be updated as frequently as possible. (Last Updated March 2019)

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DC Nonprofits: Provide Assistance for Tree Planting and Gardening
Storm Water Management
Recruiting Volunteers
Soil and Plant Testing
Garden Grants


DC Nonprofits that Provide Assistance for Tree Planting and Gardening

Casey Trees: A non-profit dedicated to planting, restoring and enhancing DC’s tree canopy. Casey Trees plants trees (shade, ornamental, and/or fruit) throughout the district in a variety of programs: a. Community Tree Plantings – organize a large community tree planting (minimum of 10 trees); b. Riversmart Homes Shade Tree Program– Individuals can request shade trees be planted on their residential property located in D.C. for $50 per tree; c. Tree Rebate – Receive up to $100 back for each tree purchased and then planted on residential or commercial property in D.C.

Washington Parks and People: A non-profit dedicated to restoring and enhancing public parks in the DC area through a variety of programs: a. Tree Planting Program; b. DC Green Corps; c. Garden and Greening Grants.

Groundwork Anacostia: A non-profit focused on using environmental restoration to improve community development.

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Storm Water Management

(Rain gardens, rain barrels, green roofs, trees, etc)

DDOE – Riversmart Homes

Casey Trees– Riversmart Homes Shade Tree Program

Pepsi Bottling Company: The Pepsi plant (2611 Pepsi Place, Hyattsville, MD 20781) sells food grade 55 gallon barrels that can be retrofitted into rain barrels for $10.00 a piece. Offer only available on Fridays. Call “the barrel guy” Howard Turk at 301‐322‐7000 for more info. All sizes of barrel cost $10 a piece and they will only take checks. Check out how to retrofit the barrel into a rain barrel.

Localized Rainscape Rebates for Montgomery County

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Recruiting Volunteers

UDC Master Gardeners: Experience and trained gardeners needing volunteer hours to complete their course work. Contact Sandy Farber for volunteers at

Burgundy Crescent Volunteer’s BurGREENdy Committee: Organizes environmental volunteering opportunities.

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Soil and Plant Testing

UMASS Soil and Plant Tissue Lab: $10 for a complete test, including heavy metals.

Virginia Tech Soil Testing Lab

University of Maryland Plant Diagnostic Laboratory: Free disease diagnosis for your plants.

A & L Eastern Laboratories

University of District of Columbia’s Environmental Quality Testing Laboratory

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Garden Grants

Awesome Foundation

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation

Annie’s Grants for Gardens

WalMart Store and Sam’s Club Giving Program

Home Depot Community Impact Grants Program

American Honda Foundation

OSSE School Garden Grant: The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), Division of Wellness and Nutrition Services provides funding to implement the DC School Garden Program (DCSGP) of the Healthy Schools Act. The purpose of this program is to increase the capacity of DC school gardens as educational resources by providing institutional support to create meaningful learning experiences for students in school gardens.

DDOE Storm Water Management grants: This money can be used for a variety of water retention projects from rain gardens, cisterns, etc. If the website is confusing, ask for applications and more info from

Whole Foods

Kids Gardening

The Palisades Community Fund

Wallace Genetic Foundation

Check your local ANC for possible grants

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