Wangari Gardens

Wangari Gardens is a 2.7-acre garden park in Washington, DC bursting with creative potential. With a mission inspired by a passion for community engagement and Professor Wangari Maathai’s legacy, we are building a park to benefit everyone.

Our community garden has a 50-fruit tree forest garden, public vegetable garden, herb garden, medicinal garden, berry garden, strawberry patch, outdoor classroom, and DC’s first public hammock! Drop by to grab a snack from the shared public garden spaces, or reserve a private plot!

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“Activist gardening is the latest face of social justice in the District. Forget living in a tent in McPherson Square. Instead, try pulling on muddy work boots and hauling fertilizer and mulch to a forlorn lot, then persuading your housemates to get off their iPads and go outdoors to plant snap peas and garlic.” –The Washington Post on Wangari Gardens

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