Join our Compost Cooperative

Community Compost Cooperative

Wangari Gardens is currently recruiting community members who wish to start composting their food waste at Wangari Gardens.  This will be a cooperative of trained and invested composters actively working towards creating high quality compost from garden and food waste. To create this cooperative Wangari Gardens has installed 2 new and innovative critter proof compost bin.


In order to ensure quality control and investment Wangari Gardens has created a volunteer cooperative governance structure to be operated as a community compost cooperative. Our cooperative will have at least one compost manager and up to 50 compost members actively dropping off food scraps. Wangari Gardens is currently recruiting more compost cooperative members and co-managers to assist our main manager.  The basic requirements are listed below

Compost Manager 

  1.  Ensure quality control
  2.  Coordinate communications with members
  3.  Conduct 1-hour trainings for future members (will be trained to do this)

 Compost Member

  1.  Take a 1-hour training on compost best practices/cooperative governance
  2. Provide an active form of communication (email, phone number, etc)
  3.  Volunteer to turn/shift/remediate compost once every 3 months or more if needed

If you are interested in joining our compost cooperative please email to setup a training.  Most trainings occur during our open houses around noon every sunday.

Do not start using a compost bin or dropping food scraps off without taking a training!!!  All bins are locked to ensure quality control and only members who have been trained will get the combination.


2 thoughts on “Join our Compost Cooperative

  1. Hi Josh,
    I would like to do some composting with you to complete some hours for my Soil Rebuilders course with Linda B. Possibly become a member as well. I plan on coming this Sunday for yoga, what time time do you do the trainings? Also can you let me know if it is someone other than you who will be doing the training because I have to work with a certified mentor.
    Paula Z.

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