Bragging Wall

Thank you for your continued support and involvement! Here’s what people are saying about us:

“So happy to see the garden and the other plans for the space. I walk by on my way to and from work each day at the hospital and look forward to seeing your garden grow!”– Madeleine

“My husband was a heart surgery patient at Wash Hosp Center in early June. Your garden is clearly visible from the fourth floor windows. Being enthusiastic gardeners from St Mary’s County, we were thrilled to be able to view your garden from there every day. What a grand thing you have done! We wish you many years of good gardening for the community.”–Michelle

“Thank you Sarah and Josh for a lovely garden experience. All the kids had an amazing time and can’t wait to feed the worm bin. We planted our mums and our bellies are full from all the yummy food.” — Yolanda

“I need a garden! Great job wonderful people.” — Meggie


What are they saying about us in the news? Read on!

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