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In the community

“So happy to see the garden and the other plans for the space. I walk by on my way to and from work each day at the hospital and look forward to seeing your garden grow!”– Madeleine

“My husband was a heart surgery patient at Wash Hosp Center in early June. Your garden is clearly visible from the fourth floor windows. Being enthusiastic gardeners from St Mary’s County, we were thrilled to be able to view your garden from there every day. What a grand thing you have done! We wish you many years of good gardening for the community.”–Michelle

“Thank you Sarah and Josh for a lovely garden experience. All the kids had an amazing time and can’t wait to feed the worm bin. We planted our mums and our bellies are full from all the yummy food.” — Yolanda

“I need a garden! Great job wonderful people.” — Meggie

In the News

“Activist gardening is the latest face of social justice in the District. Forget living in a tent in McPherson Square. Instead, try pulling on muddy work boots and hauling fertilizer and mulch to a forlorn lot, then persuading your housemates to get off their iPads and go outdoors to plant snap peas and garlic.” —The Washington Post

“Saturday May 4th was a special day at Wangari Gardens in Washington DC. Wanjira Mathai, Wangari Maathai’s daughter and Vice Chair of the Green Belt Movement (GBM) Board visited the Gardens for the first time… Wanjira said about her visit to the gardens: ‘It was a very inspiring day to see how a community is building links and friendships one garden at a time.'” —The Green Belt Movement

“Washington is experiencing two movements simultaneously, sustainability and gentrification. If gentrification outpaces sustainability, low-income people don’t benefit …  Josh Singer and his team tackle this problem head on in Washington’s Park View community with Wangari Gardens, a three-acre garden park run for and by the community.” —Roll Call

“…a good example of the kinds of roller coasters scrappy new community gardens often face — and the power of persistence.” —Grist

Kenya’s Ambassador to the United States, Elkanah Odembo, paid tribute to the late Prof Maathai at a ceremony in late September at which the 1.2-hectare property was formally given the name ‘Wangari Gardens.'” —Daily Nation (Kenya)

“Sandwiched between four lanes of bustling cars, under a sky buzzing with helicopter traffic from the nearby hospital center, Wangari Gardens is an oasis at the crossroads of Irving Street, Kenyon Street and Park Place NE.” —Ward 5 Heartbeat

“Well this is freaking awesome.” —PoPville


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