Work Days at 10 am Starting July 14

Now that it is the hottest time of the year and we have a hose that can fill the cistern twice as fast, gardeners voted overwhelmingly to have a SINGLE work day shift that is from 10AM-12PM each Sunday beginning July 14.

We’re treating this as a trial run — if it turns out that a shorter shift is not enough to keep the cistern full  we’ll need to go back to two 2-hour shifts, or have a single longer shift.  For now, it will be especially important to fill the cistern for as long as possible each work day. Make sure to show up on time and get the hoses set up ASAP so we can start filling. And do not skip filling the cistern on your work dayeven if it is close to full.

This new time will start on July 14.  As always thanks to our gardeners and volunteers for keeping the garden growing!

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