Midsummer Meeting Re-Cap

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the midsummer meeting!  We had a great discussion about the garden and ways to make it better.   There are specific ways you can help, listed below.  If you would like to learn more, or volunteer, please email us!

Help plan the Wangari Gardens Fall Festival
Join Marshall and the rest of the fall festival team as they put together a community wide celebration with fun activities, music, and a chance to get together and share our fall harvest!

Be a maintenance team leader
Join the rest of the team leaders to help organize work days, keep the cistern full, and help your team and the garden thrive!

Conservation easement 
Wangari gardens currently has no ownership over the land, however there is a process whereby the nonprofit Casey Trees acquires a conservation easement on our behalf.  This would secure the future of the garden and ensure no development could displace it.  We are seeking a group of people to pursue this easement

Grant writer
There are a bunch of great grants out there that may benefit wangari, including paying for a rain capturing cistern system.  We need people to work on these grants.

Join the 501(c)(3) board 
Wangari is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we have a board with vacancies.  Serving on the board requires meeting a few times a year and voting occasionally– but if you would like to take on a more active role as a board member that is an option as well.

We talked about having a team to follow up with gardeners who hadn’t been attending their team’s work days, or who was not maintaining their plot.  If you would like this enforcer role it would take some pressure off of the team leaders.


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