Get involved at Wangari Gardens!

537542_423887910978024_1919228957_nAre you interested in taking a greater role in Wangari gardens?  We are an entirely volunteer-run nonprofit and are always looking for interested folks to help out.  Below are all the positions in the garden — most are open, some are already filled.  If you would like to take on one of these positions or join one of these committees or if you want more information email with “Committee” in the subject line.

  • Outreach/events team leader
    • point person for outreach and events team [5-12 people]
    • responsible for planning the opening day party
    • responsible for planning the end of the year party
    • responsible for planning any other large events the committee would like to hold
    • responsible for ensuring all events go through Wangari Gardens’ standard outreach procedures to ensure everyone in the community has a chance to be reached.
    • responsible for coordinating outreach efforts to local community groups, neighbors, and generally raising awareness of the garden
    • Serves as outreach liaison to the board
  • Outreach / events team [5-12 people]
  • Director of Communication
    • point person for communication team  [5-10 members]
    • oversees and coordinates social media presence (twitter, facebook, youtube, blog, instagram)
    • responsible for putting together the once monthly newsletter
    • Serves as communication liaison to the board
    • responsible for developing and implementing communications plan
    • Helps coordinate and facilitate open house every Sunday
  • Communication Team [5-10 members]
    • Assists with newsletter, social media and other communcation
  • Open House director
    • solicits and oversees content at the open house including local community group demos
  • Maintenance team leaders’ leader
    • point person for the team leaders [4-12 team leaders] make sure team leaders are on track
    • fill in as substitute as needed
    • ultimate responsibility for maintenance team
    • Serves as maintenance liaison to the board
  • Maintenance team leaders
    • point person for team of 25 plotholders
    • manage a once monthly team work day and cistern fill
    • orient team at the beginning of the season
    • orient new plotholders as they are added to the team, if needed, through the year
    • Monitor team of plot holders for any plots not being planted or maintain
    • Goes through 3 step process to either remediate delinquent plot or remove plot holder
    • Maintains waiting list, arranges waiting list into 3 tiers and arranges new plot holders as plots become open
    • highlights excellent plots, gardeners, and experiences for newsletter
    • Every 2 months one maintenace team leader must get the hydrant meter read and notify the Executive Director to pay the bill and apply for new permit.
  • Garden Executive Director
    • Comes up with overall vision and priorities for garden and develops new projects
    • Oversight of team leaders and general garden function
    • Serves as director liaison to the board
    • solicits and oversees workshop series
    • Manages finances and purchases in conjunction with 501(c)(3) board treasurer
    • Point of contact for various DC gov agencies
    • Helps coordinate and facilitate open house every Sunday
  • Director of Education
    • point person for volunteers and apprentices
    • responsible for soliciting and managing apprentices
    • responsible for creating apprenticeship structure/curriculum
    • responsible for soliciting and managing volunteers
    • Helps coordinate and facilitate open house every Sunday

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