cropped-cropped-wangarilogorgb1.jpgHello Everyone,

On Saturday Sept 6th Wangari Gardens is partnering with a huge bus load of GW freshman during their service learning day to hopefully build an accessible path made from tampered gravel and stone dust that will allow our current gardeners with mobility disabilities, community members in wheelchairs, and future patients from the Washington Hospital Center across the street, to participate in our workshops, harvest from our “Accessibility Garden” (made from different vertical gardens) and reach with ease our super tall personal garden plots for our gardeners with mobility disabilities.

We are spending the rest of our garden budget on this project, but we still need to raise another $1000 for materials and tools to complete the whole path. We’re reaching out to people today to ask for support for this much needed project.

If you can help us make Wangari Gardens accessible to everyone, please make a tax deductible (we are a 501c3 non profit now!) donation on our paypal link on our website, or mail us cash or a check made to Wangari Gardens.

If we can raise more than our goal we will put the rest of the funds towards hiring a carpenter to build a hand rail along the steps in our garden leading to the Washington Hospital Center. If we don’t reach our goal we will build what we can of the path and continue to raise the funds to finish the project next year.

If you also have hand tampers and wheelbarrows we can borrow for Sept 6th or would like to join us in creating or planning the accessible path please email us too. We welcome all the help we can get!

Please check out our website at if you can make a tax deductible donation to help us make Wangari Gardens more accessible or mail us cash or a check made to Wangari Gardens to the following address

Wangari Gardens
2918 Sherman Ave NW
Washington DC 20001

Thank you everyone for your time.

Wangari Gardens Team


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