Become a Gardening Pro: Our 2014 Workshops


Wondering how to battle pests? Questions about what to plant where? Wangari Gardens will be hosting a series of FREE workshops throughout the 2014 gardening season!

Schedule may be subject to change, so please RSVP at to receive an email reminder. Everyone is welcome!

Every Sunday at 1 pm, come by and learn about:

May 4th: Gardening 101
Everything you need to know about starting a garden from soil prep, garden designs, plant types and more

May 11th: Gardening 101
We’ll revisit soil prep, garden designs and plant types. Bring your questions!

May 18th: Soils and Composting
Learn about soil, soil biology, and different systems for creating compost

May 25th: Container Gardening and Companion Planting
Learn how to garden with limited space and how companion plants can enhance your garden’s production and repel pests

June 1st: Garden Weeds and Invasive Plants
Learn how to identify and battle invasive plants

June 8th: Native Plant Identification
Learn to identify and manage native plants

June 15th: Vegetable Pests and Diseases
Introduction to basic vegetable plant pests and diseases

June 22nd: Tomato Pruning and Vegetable Trellising
Learn to prune and trellis different vegetable plants

June 29th: Beginner Bees
Introduction to our bee hive

And more to come! (Think seed saving, mushroom inoculation, canning, etc!)

Download the May and June schedule as a pdf!

If you have an idea or request for a garden class or would like to teach a class, please contact us at


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