Happy 2014! Important Garden Updates

tree kids

Even though the ground is still frozen we’ve started planning for the 2014 growing year!  We’re really excited about our third year.  

We won’t be expanding or constructing any more gardens or plots this year.  This means all our money and efforts will be focused on providing weekly educational garden workshops, monthly fun events (cookouts, movies in the park, festivals, etc) and new programs (like a seedling cooperative and a compost cooperative).  We want to focus this year on expanding our educational and programming capacity.  Please email us at wangarigardens@gmail.com if you have any great ideas for this year.  

Returning Gardeners

At this time we are asking everyone to let us know if you will be returning to garden with us this year.  Please send an email to wangarigardens@gmail.com telling us whether you will continue to garden your plot this year or not. Please include your plot number in your email.
You can pay the $50 plot fee on Paypal (unless you have a free plot agreement and need to continue this agreement).  The deadline to pay this year is March 15th.  After this deadline, your plot may be given away.
To pay on Paypal either:
1.  Go to www.wangarigardens.org and follow the Paypal link
2.  or create an account and “send money to a friend” using our email wangarigardens@gmail.com.  (I think we can skip the service charge that way)
You can also mail a check (written to Wangari Gardens) or cash to my house at:
Wangari Gardens
2918 Sherman Ave NW
Washington DC 20001

Monthly Volunteer Requirement

Thanks to the help we are receiving from our internship program, we will be lowering the monthly volunteer requirement to 1 hour.  That means you have fewer hours to put in! However, that also means that we’re holding everyone more strictly to this requirement in order to keep the garden growing. Wangari Gardens was designed to be an inclusive garden park that creates a culture that gives back to community.  Unless there is a reasonable reason why you can’t volunteer, we will not renew your plot next year if you don’t volunteer this year.  If you do not think you can commit 1 hour of volunteering a month (unless you have a reasonable excuse) please do not sign up for a personal plot.
The maintenance team leaders are meeting next week to retweak the maintenance system.  If you have any suggestions on how to improve this system please email me this week at wangarigardens@gmail.com.

Garden Orientation

This year, we will be requiring everyone to participate in a garden orientation in the Spring.  It will be a chance to teach everyone about our different gardens, programs and resources and make sure everyone is on the same page.  We’ll make the orientations fun!  Keep your eyes open for the dates of our upcoming Spring orientation.

Seedling Cooperative

Angela Swayze, the new Director of Communication, will be organizing our Seedling CooperativeWe will be installing plexiglass into our cold frames (the boxes by the shed with windows on top).  Once installed, we will be growing seedlings in them.  We can start cool weather seedlings really soon and warm weather seedlings in mid March.  Everyone who helps with the seedlings will be able to take a few for their plots.  The rest will go in our public gardens.

If you would like to be apart of our seedling cooperative please email us this week at wangarigardens@gmail.com and arswayze@aol.com to let us know.


And lastly, thanks to Kenneth Moore for putting together our first Wangari Gardens cookbook.  These are all recipes from our own gardeners.  This cookbook was one of the kickstarted thank you rewards will gave to our donors, but Kenneth Moore did such a great job I think everyone should enjoy this! 
Thank you everyone for your time!
Josh Singer

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