Tested out our Fenceless Dog Park? We Want to Hear From You!

2013-10-19 12.54.31Winter is making its presence known in DC. This cold may make us want to curl up at home with a warm blanket, but our dogs still need to go outside burn some energy.

The Wangari Gardens fenceless dog park is easy to use! Here are the steps for making sure your dog can run around safely:

1. Attach the zipline to a tree: One side of each red zipline is attached to a central tree in the garden. Simply attach the other side to a hook on a nearby tree. Make sure you use a zipline that is long enough to reach the tree of your choice.

2. Attach your dog to the zipline: Use the blue leash to attach your dog’s collar to the zipline. Please attach only one dog per zipline. Keep your dog within eyesight at all times.

3. Leave the zipline as you found it: Once your dog is off of the blue leash, unhook the zipline from the tree. Store the zipline in the milk crate by the central tree. Please do not leave the zipline up. It can be a hazard if left up unattended.

Don’t worry. These directions (and a helpful diagram) are posted in the garden too.

Once you’ve given it a try, tell us what you think! Post comments or email us at wangarigardens@gmail.com to give us your stories, suggestions, or recommendations!


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