Join the Compost Coop: Reducing Waste, Reusing Nitrogen!


We’ve just completed our community compost binWe’re ready to start taking community food scraps (and we especially need some dead leaves as we get started). 

In order to manage the compost properly we want to create a cooperative structure where all members can be trained for free in how to compost.  We’re asking people to join the cooperative before dropping off foodIf you’re interested please email us at to take a free training every Sunday and join our compost coop. 

Thank you to the AU Alternative Spring Break volunteers who made this project a reality!
Some features of our rat-proof compost station include:
  • Paver stone floor with french drains for passive aeration
  • Hardcloth liner on the inside
  • A foot and a half of sheet metal on the bottom outside to prevent rats from climbing in
  • A tarp top

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