Heading for the Hill: Wangari Gardens in the News

President Obama and some of your favorite senators might be reading about Wangari Gardens right now.

I’m not even joking.

Roll Call, known as the “newspaper of Capitol Hill,” featured Wangari Gardens this week in an article titled “Urban Farms Aim to Build Bridges to Low-Income Communities.” In it, Wangari Gardens and another DC urban garden,  Common Good City Farm, serve as examples of  gardens that foster community engagement.

Washington is experiencing two movements simultaneously, sustainability and gentrification. If gentrification outpaces sustainability, low-income people don’t benefit. And gentrification can exacerbate socioeconomic pressures among neighborhoods in transition.

Josh Singer and his team tackle this problem head on in Washington’s Park View community with Wangari Gardens, a three-acre garden park run for and by the community.

We’re proud to be a living example of what can be done when great minds and hearts come together in the community.

Thank you to Diana Oberoi for taking our garden to the Hill!


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