Women, time to grab some power tools!

Microsoft Word - 8-24-13 Empowering Women

Ladies, remember when you were sitting in history class, hearing all about World War II and being annoyed when you found out how absolutely shocked everyone was that women were also able to build planes once the men were all overseas? I do. Surprise, world! Women are awesome with power tools!

Okay, before I get off on my Rosie the Riveter soapbox, let me just tell you why this is relevant: chances are that if you love to garden, you like to build stuff– flower beds, trellises, raised beds– you name it!

Well, here’s your chance to prove to the world that (once again), women with power tools are awesome. Join Community Forklift, a non-profit sustainable community initiative that salvages building materials to reduce waste and increase low-cost access, for a FREE workshop by Dr. Wendy Wu.

Empowering Women to Work with Tools and Materials 101

Saturday, August 24th

3-5 pm

4671 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston, MD 20781

Click here to RSVP on their Facebook event!


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