Hone the Hustle: Working with your Neighbors


Do you need someone to come walk Fido while you cram for an upcoming deadline? Do you need an extra pair of hands to finish up painting your living room? Are you looking for ways to strengthen your community and empower youth at the same time?

We know, we know. All of these things sound too good to be true, but we at Wangari Gardens believe in the power of the community! Take a look at the young men of Park View. They come from your neighborhood, and they’re eager to work. Whether you need a dog walker or a home painter, or even a mover or a project helper, the park View Kids Zone has someone who can help.

Contact Mrs. Angela Strange, Executive Director of Park View Kids Zone, at 202-421-9356 or at Ang.Strange@gmail.com.

Thanks, Mrs. Angela, for being Park View’s Street Momma! And thank you, Wangari community, for supporting our neighborhood’s youths!



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