Some great events coming up!!

  • Hey everybody……..we survived the summer and hope that you did too!!! 

    We are so excited to have some awesome events coming up at Wangari Gardens this fall, we hope you can come on out and join us! 


    The Green Living Expo at UDC should be lots of fun!  Wangari Gardens will be hosting a short workshop, and there will be lots of great workshops, speakers, and activities all day long that teach about ways to live more sustainably.  The best thing is that it’s free!



    Michael, an awesome plot-holder at the garden will be leading a Knowledge Commons DC class at Wangari Gardens on the perception of taste!  Here is the class decription:

       ”  Everyone has favorite foods. Most also harbor ill will towards some food items; some even discriminate against entire cuisines! In this class, we will first learn about some of the more boring aspects of how taste works. Then we’ll play a bunch of taste-test games to experiment with our own taste buds. Can you taste the difference between grass-fed beef and the grocery store stuff? A garden tomato from the gas-ripened one? Bottled water from DC tap? Coke vs Pepsi? We’ll end with a reflection discussion on the physical/mental divide in taste perception. Is your tongue really the master of your palate?”

    Get more info and sign up for the class here:


    Lisa and Wade, a lovely couple who have been a part of Wangari Gardens from the beginning, will be sharing their love story with the world by getting married at the gardens!  They would like to invite the community to the wedding, which is at 5pm.  They are having guests donate to the garden, and will be helping to plant our fall veggies!  Learn more about these amazing folks here:


    Plot holder Kenneth has been instrumental in putting together the DC State Fair – – many plot holders will be traveling to the Barracks Row Festival to compete in contests such as best pie (persimmon??), funkiest looking vegetable, and cucumber pickle contest.  Plot holder John already won the tastiest tomato….we are sure that our Wangari Gardens gardeners will represent well!!  To sign up for one of the competitions, or learn more info about the fair, check out their site:


    Personally, we think Aziza has the longest vegetable hand’s down!


    This is going to be a BIG day, folks!  We are partnering with Casey Trees, the Kenyan embassy, the Greenbelt Movement, Park View Kids Zone, and others to have a great day at the garden!  We will be spending the morning planting memorial trees to honor Wangari Maathai, the amazing environmentalist, feminist, and social justice activist that the garden is named after.  We will also be planting medicinal trees as the foundation for our medicinal plant garden.  We need your help in the garden!  After a delicious East African lunch, we will have a fun-filled afternoon with kids games, cooking demonstrations, and creative projects.  In the evening feel free to bring a dish for a community potluck, and at night we will be showing “TAKING ROOT: The Vision of Wangari Maathai”, an exicting film about this amazing woman.  You bring a blanket, we’ll provide the popcorn!

    Keep your eyes peeled as more details about this day unfold!!


    The District Department of the Environment will be leading a workshop about gardening to create habitats for wildlife.  We will be working to make Wangari Gardens more habitat friendly, and you will learn tips for yourself, wherever you garden!  This workshop is free, and we will provide light refreshments.


    Help us to celebrate Food Day (Oct. 24) with a fall food and harvest festival!!  We will spend the afternoon playing games and doing cooking demonstrations.  In the evening, the DC State Fair folks will join us for a fun potluck party!  Hopefully live music, too.  All are welcome!  Free!


    Hopefully this little pumpkin that could will be ready in time for the harvest fest!


    The Student Conservation Association did a great job on the steps and path that they built!  No more muddy steep hills for people headed across the street to the hospital!


    Grace got a stevia plant from Bread for the City for her plot at Wangari Gardens.  She makes simple syrup for her tea out of the stevia leaves.


    The peppers and eggplants are exploding!  Come and pick some from the education gardens!!  They need to be eaten!


    Sydney hangs out in the shade of a tomato plant while her mom works hard in her plot.


    How cool is this?!? Jerick, a volunteer at the Bike House, built an awesome bike pump, that helps to increase our water pressure from the cistern to everyone’s garden beds.  Way cool, way sustainable.  Thanks, Jerick!


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