BIG day today!!!!

Hi friends!  Don’t forget to come out today for our REPURPOSING SPACE event!!  Should be lots of fun, with presentations and activities led by Tumbleweeds Tiny Houses, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Give Us Names, the Box Collective, and more.  Yoga at eleven!!!  Dinner picnic potluck at 5:30!!!

Here is the full schedule for the day:

All day – Tour a tiny house on wheels! Tumbleweed Tiny Houses have been one of the earliest promoters of tiny home living, and have inspired a few DC residents to build tiny houses on wheels this summer.  On site will be a model of the Tumbleweed Fencl, a 130 square foot tiny home on wheels perfectly suited for infilling urban backyard or alley spaces.  $5 suggested for tour of the house.

11 AM – Yoga in the park-taught by Bahiyyah, gardener and yoga instructor extraordinaire

12-2 PM – Garden installation with Give us Names, an organization telling stories and acting to restore homes to displaced families in Colombia – they will be installing a garden space at Wangari Gardens as a symbolic act of Restoration, a community here in the U.S. giving a piece of land in honor of those in Colombia who have had their land taken.  Learn more about the organization and garden at: .  Learn more about the permaculture group who is facilitating the installation at:

12 PM-2 PM – workshop – soil remediation – help Wangari Gardens prepare the soil for their mandala forest garden, and learn how to improve yours at home

2-3 PM – presentation by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) – An amazing community-based labor rights organization, fighting for fair food and workers’ rights, particularly for those working on tomato farms that supply tomatoes to the nation’s restaurants and grocery stores.

3-4 PM – Art projects with the DC Box Collective – an initiative to explore how design could act as catalyst for community building and empowerment within the District of Columbia metropolitan area through providing access to resources.

4-5 PM – Spring gardening workshop with Sarah – get your spring veggies in while it’s still cool, grow lots of food in a small space, keep away the pests, and discover companion plants!

5:30 PM – Meet-up with community gardeners, potluck picnic – bring something to share!

This fun-filled day will take place at Wangari Gardens, located west of the Washington Hospital Center/Children’s Medical Center, bordered by Irving St. NW, Kenyon St. NW, and Park Pl. NW.



One thought on “BIG day today!!!!

  1. Thank you Sarah and Josh for a lovely garden experience. All the kids had an amazing time and can’t wait to feed the worm bin.

    We planted our mums and our bellies are full from all the yummy food.

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