Repurposing Space

Hi Friends and Neighbors!

It has been an extremely eventful few weeks…

We had a great opening day on April 1st, opened by Bloombars holding a Harambe drumming session for little ones.  The kids loved it, and volunteers got a cheerful start to the workday.

The neighborhood turned out in big numbers, and worked hard to put the finishing touches on the community plots, plant the education garden, make a strawberry patch, and begin preparing for the mandala forest garden.  Velocity came out and held a free bike clinic, and neighbors brought all sorts of goodies for our potluck cookout at the end of the day.  And of course, since it was April 1st, we listened to Marvin Gaye tunes all afternoon long.

Since opening day, we’ve had lots of volunteers come out, including a group of Fulbright Scholars from all over the world, and a group of DC middle and high school students on spring break.  So many thanks to everyone for all of their hard work!

The community garden plots are getting greener by the day, the radish, spinach, and lettuce is sprouting in the education garden, and the fence is being painted a great green rainbow.  We’re praying for rain, but until then, watering like crazy, one watering can at a time.  🙂

Come and check out the progress!!!!  This Sunday, we’re going to have a really fun event at the gardens, based around creatively repurposing space.  Several organizations are going to be giving presentations, leading workshops, and facilitating activities.

Check out this flier for more detailed info about the day….

repurposing space

Come on out, bring a picnic, and have a great day with us!!!


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