Amazing things happen when people come together!

Hi, Neighbors!

Wow, what a great day we had on Sunday!  Perfect weather, and so many wonderful people out for the first day of creating Wangari Gardens park.  We got a LOT of work done, as people sweat through the day digging, building, shoveling, and wheel-barrowing.

Worms and tutus, now that is one cool girl 🙂

Garden plots were dug and built, a compost bin was designed, a fence was started, a vermicompost bin was painted and worms were found, a sign was made, soil was moved, and MOST importantly, new friends and neighbors were discovered!

So many thanks to all who volunteered, donated food and tools, came to the community meeting, or just came out to see what was going on!

Working hard

After the work day, we had a great meeting where community members gave feedback and brainstormed about ideas for the park.  There will be a series of these meetings in order create a park where everyone in the community is included.  If you would like to be e-mailed the notes from the first community meeting, send an email to .  Notes will be sent out this week.

This weekend, we are having some less formalized work days – – anyone who is available can come out Saturday or Sunday (24th & 25th) from 10-5 to finish up the plots, fence, and soil moving.

**WE ARE LOOKING FOR A COUPLE OF VOLUNTEERS who would be willing to be the point people for this weekend (i.e. guiding people in which tasks need to be done, locking up tools in storage bin when finished)**

E-mail if you would be willing to help!!!

Many thanks to everyone, I hope that when you walk/bike/drive past Wangari Gardens you are proud of what our community can do together!

Make sure that you check out more pictures from the day on