breaking ground today!!

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

We are breaking ground today!!  Come on out and join us! 
It should be a great day of meeting fellow gardeners and community members, and the weather shouldn’t be bad, either : )

Make sure you bring a water bottle, lunch, and any gloves, shovels, rakes, hoes, etc. that you may have (label them so they don’t get mixed up!)

We are starting at 11, and working till about 5pm.  Then at 5, we’ll be having a community interest meeting for anyone who wants to get involved, learn more, give input about park plans, etc. 
You can check out the facebook event here:

Good things are happening:

We used grant money to purchase some great lumber for the raised beds from a local lumber yard, and it’s sitting in our backyard right now!  We’ve been spending the last few weeks hauling loads of soil, mulch, wood pallets, and more to the site…someone donated a huge container of worms to get our vermicompost started, and today we got a big load of compost dropped off. 

We’ve been written about on the Washington City Paper blog, in the Prince of Petworth blog, and have gotten encouragement from some people who run the Greenbelt Movement, the organization started by Wangari Maathai. 

Some wonderful donations have been given by neighbors and friends, DC/MD/VA plant nurseries, Community Forklift, and others.  Americorps Public Allies have been instrumental in organizing, outreaching, and planning.  OLD CITY green, Washington Parks and People, Beet Street Gardens, and others have lent out tools for the workday, and City Blossoms, Washington Youth Garden, Neighborhood Farm Initiative, and more have been so helpful in giving tips, advice, and support.  So many awesome and enthusiastic people have written to say that they can’t wait to get involved….a sure sign that this is going to be a great project to build together.   : )
Need your help!!
Having already spent most of our grant money on compost and lumber, we are in need of funds to pay the deposit for our water meter (gets hooked to the hydrant for our water supply).  If you know of anyone who would like to donate, Please Please Please let them know that they can do so either by check or by card (via PayPal) on our website.

We are also looking for donations of gardening supplies, specifically hoes, kids garden tools, large bamboo, land large tarps. 

Thank you friends, hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and HOPE to SEE YOU TODAY!!!!!


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