Help Needed to Collect Supplies!!

Hi friends and neighbors!

We are getting so excited about our FIRST WORKDAY and COMMUNITY MEETING on March 18th….and are feverishly getting prepared for all of the volunteers that we hope will come out!

Since this is a community project, everyone’s help is needed to collect supplies and materials to build our community garden.  If you are able to obtain any of these things, send an email to to organize pick-up.

Everything is greatly appreciated!!!!!

1. Lumber (especially rot resistant, chemical free)  2×4 or 4×4’s preferred!

2. Soil, compost, mulch

3. Garden tools (for kids and adults)

4. Hoses

5. Building tools

6. Berry bushes, annual plants (non-invasive)

7. Benches, birdbaths, other garden artifacts

8. Tree stumps

9. Wood pallets

10. Large storage lock boxes/small shed

11. Rain barrels

12. Large tarps

13. Bamboo

14. Anything else you can imagine at a beautiful neighborhood park/garden! (parken?)


ALSO:  We need to raise money!!!!!!  In order to use the city’s water, we need to pay a $700 deposit on a water meter for the hydrant.  We also need to buy any materials for the raised beds that are not donated, and hoses for watering.

Any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!  There are no salary or administrative costs for this project…all donations go straight to building and planting Wangari Gardens. 

Use our PAYPAL link on the right side of this page to donate!  Spread the word 🙂


New sign!

Many thanks to DC carpenter Amy, and her daughters Minnie and Iris for our beautiful sign!