Opening Day Tomorrow!!

Don’t forget to come out for the festivities tomorrow!!!

11-5 Workday and Planting

5-8 Potluck and Celebration!!

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Amazing things happen when people come together!

Hi, Neighbors!

Wow, what a great day we had on Sunday!  Perfect weather, and so many wonderful people out for the first day of creating Wangari Gardens park.  We got a LOT of work done, as people sweat through the day digging, building, shoveling, and wheel-barrowing.

Worms and tutus, now that is one cool girl 🙂

Garden plots were dug and built, a compost bin was designed, a fence was started, a vermicompost bin was painted and worms were found, a sign was made, soil was moved, and MOST importantly, new friends and neighbors were discovered!

So many thanks to all who volunteered, donated food and tools, came to the community meeting, or just came out to see what was going on!

Working hard

After the work day, we had a great meeting where community members gave feedback and brainstormed about ideas for the park.  There will be a series of these meetings in order create a park where everyone in the community is included.  If you would like to be e-mailed the notes from the first community meeting, send an email to .  Notes will be sent out this week.

This weekend, we are having some less formalized work days – – anyone who is available can come out Saturday or Sunday (24th & 25th) from 10-5 to finish up the plots, fence, and soil moving.

**WE ARE LOOKING FOR A COUPLE OF VOLUNTEERS who would be willing to be the point people for this weekend (i.e. guiding people in which tasks need to be done, locking up tools in storage bin when finished)**

E-mail if you would be willing to help!!!

Many thanks to everyone, I hope that when you walk/bike/drive past Wangari Gardens you are proud of what our community can do together!

Make sure that you check out more pictures from the day on

breaking ground today!!

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

We are breaking ground today!!  Come on out and join us! 
It should be a great day of meeting fellow gardeners and community members, and the weather shouldn’t be bad, either : )

Make sure you bring a water bottle, lunch, and any gloves, shovels, rakes, hoes, etc. that you may have (label them so they don’t get mixed up!)

We are starting at 11, and working till about 5pm.  Then at 5, we’ll be having a community interest meeting for anyone who wants to get involved, learn more, give input about park plans, etc. 
You can check out the facebook event here:

Good things are happening:

We used grant money to purchase some great lumber for the raised beds from a local lumber yard, and it’s sitting in our backyard right now!  We’ve been spending the last few weeks hauling loads of soil, mulch, wood pallets, and more to the site…someone donated a huge container of worms to get our vermicompost started, and today we got a big load of compost dropped off. 

We’ve been written about on the Washington City Paper blog, in the Prince of Petworth blog, and have gotten encouragement from some people who run the Greenbelt Movement, the organization started by Wangari Maathai. 

Some wonderful donations have been given by neighbors and friends, DC/MD/VA plant nurseries, Community Forklift, and others.  Americorps Public Allies have been instrumental in organizing, outreaching, and planning.  OLD CITY green, Washington Parks and People, Beet Street Gardens, and others have lent out tools for the workday, and City Blossoms, Washington Youth Garden, Neighborhood Farm Initiative, and more have been so helpful in giving tips, advice, and support.  So many awesome and enthusiastic people have written to say that they can’t wait to get involved….a sure sign that this is going to be a great project to build together.   : )
Need your help!!
Having already spent most of our grant money on compost and lumber, we are in need of funds to pay the deposit for our water meter (gets hooked to the hydrant for our water supply).  If you know of anyone who would like to donate, Please Please Please let them know that they can do so either by check or by card (via PayPal) on our website.

We are also looking for donations of gardening supplies, specifically hoes, kids garden tools, large bamboo, land large tarps. 

Thank you friends, hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and HOPE to SEE YOU TODAY!!!!!

Almost Ready!

It has been a BUSY couple of weeks collecting as much supplies, knowledge, and friendly helpers as possible to prepare for our FIRST VOLUNTEER WORKDAY on Sunday!!    Thanks to friends and neighbors for your help!!!

Learning about fruit trees from Chris Reid at the Washington Youth Garden

Thanks to Ruthie at Community Forklift for giving us this awesome tool storage box!!

Jesse at OLD CITY green let us use his truck for loads of mulch and compost...

Load after load of wood pallets...thanks to all those friendly craigslisters 🙂

***THERE IS STILL SO MUCH TO BE DONE!!  We are in great need of garden tools and supplies, for kids and adults.  We also need more wood pallets, a folding table, a water cooler, and a chalkboard or dry erase board.

If you can help with any of these things, please comment on this post or e-mail us at  Thank you and see you on Sunday!

more info for Sunday can be found here:

Help Needed to Collect Supplies!!

Hi friends and neighbors!

We are getting so excited about our FIRST WORKDAY and COMMUNITY MEETING on March 18th….and are feverishly getting prepared for all of the volunteers that we hope will come out!

Since this is a community project, everyone’s help is needed to collect supplies and materials to build our community garden.  If you are able to obtain any of these things, send an email to to organize pick-up.

Everything is greatly appreciated!!!!!

1. Lumber (especially rot resistant, chemical free)  2×4 or 4×4’s preferred!

2. Soil, compost, mulch

3. Garden tools (for kids and adults)

4. Hoses

5. Building tools

6. Berry bushes, annual plants (non-invasive)

7. Benches, birdbaths, other garden artifacts

8. Tree stumps

9. Wood pallets

10. Large storage lock boxes/small shed

11. Rain barrels

12. Large tarps

13. Bamboo

14. Anything else you can imagine at a beautiful neighborhood park/garden! (parken?)


ALSO:  We need to raise money!!!!!!  In order to use the city’s water, we need to pay a $700 deposit on a water meter for the hydrant.  We also need to buy any materials for the raised beds that are not donated, and hoses for watering.

Any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!  There are no salary or administrative costs for this project…all donations go straight to building and planting Wangari Gardens. 

Use our PAYPAL link on the right side of this page to donate!  Spread the word 🙂

Just set up a Paypal for Donations

  Exciting news!  We have just gotten a paypal account set up for donations….the awesome DC environmental justice non-profit Groundwork Anacostia ( is generously acting as a fiscal agent for us, so that we can have a 501(c)3 status.  Thanks to them, your donations are tax-deductible!

We are currently in the process of raising funds and collecting supplies to build the community garden, scheduled to break ground on March 18th.  Anything that  you can give is greatly appreciated!

Furthermore, if you or anyone you know would like to donate building or gardening tools, lumber (rot resistant is best!), soil, or compost, send an e-mail to and we will gladly come pick it up.

This space has some amazing potential, and the more resources, people, and ideas that come together, the greater it can be!!