Recruiting Barterers for our Barter Festival!

Hello everyone,

We’re recruiting people who want to barter for our Barter Festival that’s happening Sunday September 21st.  If you’re interested please sign up at this link.

Please help spread the word too.  We need a certain number of barterers by sept 14th to make this festival happen.  Thanks!

More details below

Wangari Gardens Team

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cropped-cropped-wangarilogorgb1.jpgHello Everyone,

On Saturday Sept 6th Wangari Gardens is partnering with a huge bus load of GW freshman during their service learning day to hopefully build an accessible path made from tampered gravel and stone dust that will allow our current gardeners with mobility disabilities, community members in wheelchairs, and future patients from the Washington Hospital Center across the street, to participate in our workshops, harvest from our “Accessibility Garden” (made from different vertical gardens) and reach with ease our super tall personal garden plots for our gardeners with mobility disabilities.

We are spending the rest of our garden budget on this project, but we still need to raise another $1000 for materials and tools to complete the whole path. We’re reaching out to people today to ask for support for this much needed project.

If you can help us make Wangari Gardens accessible to everyone, please make a tax deductible (we are a 501c3 non profit now!) donation on our paypal link on our website, or mail us cash or a check made to Wangari Gardens.

If we can raise more than our goal we will put the rest of the funds towards hiring a carpenter to build a hand rail along the steps in our garden leading to the Washington Hospital Center. If we don’t reach our goal we will build what we can of the path and continue to raise the funds to finish the project next year.

If you also have hand tampers and wheelbarrows we can borrow for Sept 6th or would like to join us in creating or planning the accessible path please email us too. We welcome all the help we can get!

Please check out our website at if you can make a tax deductible donation to help us make Wangari Gardens more accessible or mail us cash or a check made to Wangari Gardens to the following address

Wangari Gardens
2918 Sherman Ave NW
Washington DC 20001

Thank you everyone for your time.

Wangari Gardens Team

Solar Cooking Demo Tomorrow at Wangari Gardens at 1pm!!!

If the sun is out tomorrow, Sunday August 17th at 1pm,  Solar Household Energy (SHE), an amazing nonprofit, will be doing a solar cooking demo. I heard ratatouille with a cake for desert is on the menu.

Solar Household Energy’s (SHE) focus has been international with populations that cook meals with biomass (firewood, charcoal, dung):

SHE is part of SCInet, the organization in Sacramento that organized the Solar Cooking Convention. Check out the video this video more info


Free Outdoor Yoga at Wangari Gardens!


Have you ever wondered how great yoga is outside? Do you enjoy yoga but can’t afford DC prices?  Are you interested in yoga but haven’t found your style or teacher in DC yet?

Do you wish you had better mobility, stronger lungs and more relaxation in your life?  Do you feel like joining a bunch of amazing people every Sunday morning at a beautiful place to try out a variety of yoga styles and teachers?

If you said yes to any of these questions, please check out Wangari Gardens for the outdoor summer yoga sessions.

Time: 9-10am every Sunday this summer

Cost: These yoga sessions are free and open to anyone.  The teachers are donating they’re time so we’re asking for a $5 donation if you can pay.  Please come regardless.

Mats: We have limited free yoga mats to use.  Please bring your own if possible.

Location: Wangari Gardens is located at Kenyon and Park Pl NW intersection.  Please respect our neighbors and the few parking places they have by avoiding parking on Park Pl.  Meet us at our outdoor classroom area.  Thanks!

RSVP: RSVP is not required but will help us plan, and you’ll get an email heads up.  Please RSVP at


6/1/2014       Ally Shutty                 Hatha Yoga

6/8/2014         Zsudayka Nzinga    Kemetic Yoga*

6/15/2014      Ally Shutty                 Hatha Yoga

6/22/2014      Sihnuu Hetep           Vinyasa Flow

6/29/2014      Elizabeth Kanter      Gentle Yoga

7/6/2014         Ally Shutty                 Hatha Yoga

7/13/2014      Yael Flusberg           Gentle Yoga

7/20/2014      Zsudayka Nzinga    Kemetic Yoga*

7/27/2014      April Rameé              Hatha Yoga

8/3/2014         April Rameé              Hatha Yoga

8/10/2014      Helena Woodvine     Mix Yoga

8/17/2014      April Rameé              Hatha Yoga

8/24/2014      Ally Shutty                 Hatha Yoga

8/31/2014      Ally Shutty                 Hatha Yoga

9/7/2014         Zsudayka Nzinga    Kemetic Yoga*

9/14/2014      Ally Shutty                 Hatha Yoga

9/21/2014      Ally Shutty                 Hatha Yoga

9/28/2014      Ally Shutty                 Hatha Yoga

* Children are encouraged to come

Yoga Teacher Bios

 Ally Shutty

Ally ShuttyAlly has taught yoga outreach programs since 2010 in the place she feels most authentic, the inner city. Teaching in under served communities, Ally brings yoga to communities where yoga is not easily accessible and teaches in a style that is gentle, compassionate, and honoring. Her students are diverse and are often dealing with defeat, struggle, and loss but have found their way out of the depths. Ally feels that her students are the real teachers and has a large following in the Benning Road neighborhood of DC. She uses the mat as a tool to deal with life in a creative and compassionate way. Through her yoga, Ally teaches her students to be the change they wish to see in their community and the world.

 April Ramee

Based out of Washington D.C., April Rameé (200-RYT) is a modern-day Renaissance Woman. April has always possessed a deep love for every type of dance form and is extraordinarily passionate about healing with herbs, travel, music, and mathematics. After spending seven years studying several different yoga disciplines, she found her natural niche in traditional Sivananda Hatha Yoga. Trained under Anjali Sunita at Baltimore Yoga Village, April discovered the absolute truth that accompanies the ability to harness the genuine spirit of love and healing. In addition to her extensive yoga training, April is a clinical herbalist with a dedicated connection to Mother Earth and healing with plants.  April has also been performing for seven years and is skilled in the art of performing with live flames. April navigates life with one key intention—to spread love and the healing energy of the universe via yoga, herbs, dance and all other forms of spiritual physical activity.

Elizabeth Kanter

Elizabeth KanterElizabeth Lakshmi Kanter, E-RYT200, RYT500 and certified yoga therapist, believes that everybody – and every body – can practice yoga and receive its benefits.  Her therapeutic approach addresses the whole person: immune system, nervous system, emotional and mental well-being, postural alignment, breath, vitality, and self-awareness.  She has worked with 9-to-5-ers at offices and conferences, with people with cancer at hospitals and retreats, with trauma survivors and human trafficking survivors through nonprofits, and with people with auto-immune diseases and mobility challenges at yoga studios.  Her instruction supports each individual as they work toward their goals in finding greater ease and presence in body, breath, and mind.   Her Gentle Yoga classes incorporate awareness, mindful therapeutic movement, healing breath, and a delicious guided relaxation.

Sihnuu Hetep

Sihnuu is a lover of life, laughter and movement in all of its forms.  She interlaces yoga into every aspect of her life and encourages others to do the same by exploring open dialogue with their bodies on the mat.  Sihnuu holds two 200hr certifications through Yoga Alliance and has participated in many yoga trainings to deepen her practice. Throughout her time in training she has been able to find her yoga voice and now as an instructor hopes to share her experience with others. She currently teaches at Epic Yoga and Corepower Yoga in Washington, DC.  Sihnuu’s ultimate focus is to empower students by helping them find mind body balance and internal peace on the mat that can be integrated into everyday life.

Yael Flusberg

Yael Flusberg has taught yoga classes at area hospitals, libraries, workplaces, schools, yoga studios – and is thrilled to be adding community gardens to the mix.  As an integrative yoga therapist (RYT-500, E-RYT-200), Yael facilitates both group and individual yoga therapy sessions with people dealing with a variety of conditions; at Wangari gardens, her gentle class will incorporate breathing practices, mindfulness, self-massage, and simple but effective movements.

Zsudayka Nzinga

Zsudayka is an artist and life coach from Denver. She’s been doing self love and inner peace workshops for almost a decade all over the country.  She teaches Kemetic yoga and encourages people to bring their children.



Helena Woodvine Snyder, PhD

A Biochemist by day, who often can also be found moonlighting as a camera crane operator for her husband’s film production company by night, Helena has always enjoyed the richness and diversity that life has to offer. Passionate about the outdoors and wilderness adventure, Helena has led a very active, environmentally conscious lifestyle. A yoga student for over 11 years, Helena first came across yoga at university when she learned that yoga might be able to help improve her scoliosis and increase muscular strength and flexibility. She immediately fell in love with the practice and over time, found many other benefits than just increased physical ability. Helena found that yoga helped increase her concentration and aid in finding space to be truly present. In time, a continuing study of yoga allowed her to find greater calm in her daily life and a deeper sense of self that was more at ease with the World. In February of this year, Helena embarked on a 200 Hour YTT certification which she will complete in September. She is excited about the opportunity to share with others the benefits she has found from regular yoga practice. Helena’s yoga teaching is inspired by several yoga styles. She focuses on conscious, alignment based practices drawing from her Iyengar and Anusara background, whilst incorporating the poses into an Ashtanga influenced, Vinyasa flow. Her classes combine active flow asanas with calming, therapeutic twists.

Become a Gardening Pro: Our 2014 Workshops


Wondering how to battle pests? Questions about what to plant where? Wangari Gardens will be hosting a series of FREE workshops throughout the 2014 gardening season!

Schedule may be subject to change, so please RSVP at to receive an email reminder. Everyone is welcome!

Every Sunday at 1 pm, come by and learn about:

May 4th: Gardening 101
Everything you need to know about starting a garden from soil prep, garden designs, plant types and more

May 11th: Gardening 101
We’ll revisit soil prep, garden designs and plant types. Bring your questions!

May 18th: Soils and Composting
Learn about soil, soil biology, and different systems for creating compost

May 25th: Container Gardening and Companion Planting
Learn how to garden with limited space and how companion plants can enhance your garden’s production and repel pests

June 1st: Garden Weeds and Invasive Plants
Learn how to identify and battle invasive plants

June 8th: Native Plant Identification
Learn to identify and manage native plants

June 15th: Vegetable Pests and Diseases
Introduction to basic vegetable plant pests and diseases

June 22nd: Tomato Pruning and Vegetable Trellising
Learn to prune and trellis different vegetable plants

June 29th: Beginner Bees
Introduction to our bee hive

And more to come! (Think seed saving, mushroom inoculation, canning, etc!)

Download the May and June schedule as a pdf!

If you have an idea or request for a garden class or would like to teach a class, please contact us at

April 27: Slow Food D.C. spices up Wangari Gardens

On behalf of Ibti Vincent, Slow Food D.C.:

Join Slow Food DC and local community members at Wangari Gardens on Sunday, April 27 to expand the communal herb garden at one of our favorite local community gardens. Planting and garden work will go from 12-2pm, followed by a potluck. We’ll supply the plants, tools, water, and plates/utensils!

We’ll be planting a variety of herbs, along with some Ark of Taste hot peppers, including Fish Chili Peppers – an African American heirloom variety brought to this country from either the Caribbean or Africa by enslaved peoples to the many plantations that surrounded the early Chesapeake Bay settlements. The name Fish Pepper refers to its common use with seafood through the Chesapeake region. The plant has beautiful variegated leaves and seemingly no two fish chiles have the same coloration or variegation in their stripes. (Pretty cool, no? Learn more about these unique, heirloom peppers and the Ark of Taste project from master gardeners and SFDC board members, Mark Haskell and Ibti Vincent.)

WHEN: Sunday, April 27 from 12-3pm.

WHERE: Wangari Gardens (Kenyon Street, Irving Street, and Park Place NW) — just north of Washington Hospital and the McMillan Reservoir.

WHAT TO BRING: Yourself, a water bottle, and a potluck item to share (salad, appetizer, baked good, etc).

Today: Spring Kickoff Event!

Join us today at noon for the Wangari Gardens Spring Kickoff event.  We’ll have games, compost workshops, moon bounces (for all ages including adults!), free seedlings, and some food donations.
Bring a food dish to share if you can.
I hope to see lots of you today!


April 6: Spring Kickoff Event


Sunday, April 6, 12 – 4pm
Come to our garden opening event to celebrate the start of spring!
Here’s what you can do during the event:
  • PLOTS AVAILABLE: Fill out a plot application and learn how you may be eligible for a reduced fee.
  • COMPOSTING COOPERATIVE: Learn about our latest compost initiative and learn how your food scraps can help feed the garden.
  • LEARN ABOUT OUR NEW RAIN GARDEN: DC Water will introduce the rain garden that has been installed on site.

This is a fun opportunity to meet your fellow gardeners, neighbors, and Wangari Gardens co-directors. We hope to see you there!

Questions? Contact us at!